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Important Year-End Reminders; Released from Wrongful Incarceration; Charitable Solicitation Tips; and MOREDecember 2019
Cooperation Saves Life from Abortion; Preachers, Petitioners, and Trump Protesters; Gaining a Valuable Player; and MORENovember 2019
Making Headlines; Simple Guide to Buying Real Estate; When to Pay for Legal Counsel; and Baptists Join LawsuitOctober 2019
LGBT History Law: What Can Be Done; 5 Steps to Selling Your Home; The Billy Graham Rule; and Pro-Life Hero Honored
September 2019
Behind the Scenes of Religious Liberty; M&B Gains Partner; Free CLE Taught by John Mauck; and WORLD Magazine Reports on M&B MatterAugust 2019
Chicago Slamming the Door on Evangelism; Who Could Be Against Equality?; Taking God Out of Government; and MOREJuly 2019
Legal Risks Facing Your Church; New Clergy Reporting Mandate; Biblical Approach to Church Conflict; and MOREJune 2019
Controversy Over Custody; New Parking Ordinance Helping Churches; Mission Trip Do's and Dangers; Village Owes Church; and MOREMay 2019
From Pulpit to Prison; Finally Allowed to Worship; Atheists' Challenge Overturned; Unplanned Media; and MOREApril 2019
Will Illinois Become an Abortion Destination; Essential Legal Documents to Protect Your Family; US Supreme Court Petition; and MOREMarch 2019
No Churches Allowed; Are Libraries Censoring Conservative Content; How Does Reputation Affect Religious FreedomFebruary 2019
Free Ad Grant for Churches and Nonprofits; Avoiding Wolves in Shepherd's Clothing; New Legal Checklist, and MORE
January 2019
Victory for Keystone; New Attorney at Mauck & Baker; Gifts Re-given; and Stars of Wonder Here on EarthDecember 2018
Why Jesus Wants Us to Vote; Church Launch Draws 1,000; Voter Guide; CLS Conference ReflectionsNovember 2018
2 Victories in Court; Mauck & Baker Announces Partnership With ADF; New Attorney; & More!October 2018
Mauck & Baker Receives Award; Religious Freedom Under Attack; Upcoming RLUIPA Event, and More!September 2018
Mauck & Baker Alumni in Supreme Court Case; Upcoming RLUIPA Event; Mauck & Baker Reparative Therapy Initiative, and MORE!
August 2018
SCOTUS NIFLA Decision to Affect Illinois Law; An Unforgettable Experience; Mauck & Baker Welcomes New Communications Manager, and MORE!July 2018
Church Settles Discrimination Lawsuit against Illinois City for Almost Half a Million DollarsJune 2018
Student Journalists Sue University of Illinois; 8899 Pastors Join Amicus Brief for Housing Allowance; Original Bible Church Grand Opening and more!May 2018
A Supreme Court Case Pregnant with Hope; Christian Attorneys: The Oxymoron and Why We’re Different; Markham Church Members Still Without a Home
April 2018
Our Interview with Jeanne Ives; How Billy Graham Started Our Bible Study; church Discrimination Lawsuit Costs Taxpayers $172,000; Illinois Voter Guides
March 2018
Not Always a Latin King, Judge Orders; Is Your Church at Any Legal Risk?; City Bans Feeding and Housing Strays
February 2018
Our New Year Countdown to 2018; Illinois Pregnancy Centers Take Stand Against Compelled Abortion Advertising; Bible Colleges Petition the Supreme Court of the United States
January 2018
Should Your Pastor Pack Heat?; US Supreme Court to Decide on Forced Abortion Referrals; Wisconsin Judge Rules Pastoral Housing is Unequal Treatment; Client Advocating for the Right of Conscience at Congressional Hearing
December 2017
Attorney General Issues Order to Uphold Religious Freedom; Responding to Gov. Rauner Signing the Abortion Tax Payment; City Moves Swiftly to Resolve Church Suit
November 2017
Illinois Bible Colleges Petition for Rehearing; Not Always a Latin King, Court Rules

October 2017
Caption Contest; Christian Business Organizations Stand with Masterpiece Cakeshop
September 2017
Pregnancy Centers Win Injunction Against Abortion Referral Mandate, Church Moves Closer to Opening, Our Summer Legal Interns, Qi Yuan Company
August 2017
Independence Day Edition of the Religious Freedom Newsletter
July 2017
Fishers of Men Cast a Prayer Net, Donations and Charitable Receipt Rules, Pastors Masters Golf Tournament, Victory for Freedom of Expression
June 2017
City Writes $60,000 Check to Church, ComEd Program Saves Worship Center $80,000, The Valuable Asset Christians Forget
May 2017
Resurrection Sunday: Triumphalism is Not Victory; The Real Bracket of Shame: College Free Speech Madness; and more
April 2017
Does Religious Liberty Have a Friend in Soon-To-Be Justice Gorsuch?; Case Dismissed Victory: Pastors are Free to Counsel Concerning Same-Sex Attraction; A Jury to Decide Damages after City Changed Its Laws to Keep Church Out
March 2017
Federal Court Protects Freedom to Worship; Church Files Friendly Lawsuit against the City; Church Resale Shop Stays Open; Justice First: What the Lord Requires of you
February 2017
Year in Review: Law Achievements of 2016; Pregnancy Center Wins Injunction; Remaking World Veteran Center
January 2017
Illinois Bible Colleges Head to the Court of Appeals; Trump and the Future of Religious Liberty; King's Tabernacle is Now Free to Worship
December 2016
It Is Well With My Soul: Election Edition; Update on Pregnancy Center Lawsuit; Spanish Event with Illinois Hispanic Pastors Coalition
November 2016
Speaking Truth in Love this Voting Season; Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Services; LIFT Pastors Conference
October 2016
Pregnancy Center Sues City for Religious Discrimination; Court Ruling Prohibits Pastoral Counseling in California
September 2016
Pastors Challenge IL Counseling Ban; Lawsuit Against Attack on Conscience; Book List 
August 2016
July 2016
Pro-Life Nurse Forced to Leave Job; Norwegian Family Reunited; & More
June 2016
Deadlocked Supreme Court; Audit Your Church; Ex-Offenders
May 2016
Lawyers Preparing for Jesus Return; SCOTUS Cases; College Speech Codes
April 2016
Parental Rights; Scalia's Chin; Politics in the Pulpit
March 2016
Black Churches Matter; Google Yourself; M&B Radio
February 2016
Norway Seizes Christian Children from Parents, Cowboy Churches, & More
January 2016
How Obergefell v. Hodges Could Affect Your Ministry
May 2015
Faith-based organizations could face increased discrimination
April 2015
Bible Colleges Shouldn't Need a State Seal
 March 2015
 Back to the free speech debate
 February 2015
 The case for Illinois Bible colleges
 January 2015
 The influence of Jahn Moscowitz on Mauck & Baker's Bible study
 December 2014
 New Illinois hiring law could affect your ministry
 November 2014
 Voting? Find out what you can do to prevent voter fraud
 October 2014
 New Screwtape Letter Uncovered
September 2014
 Welcoming Wendy K. Thomas
 August 2014
 The Pastor's Kid, An interview with Barnabas Piper
 July 2014
Meet our 2014 Blackstone Interns
June 2014
 In a crisis? Not for long with TC Public Relations
May 2014
 Pastors, be encouraged this Easter season
April 2014
Steps to protect religious freedom
March 2014
Chicago Sunday Evening Club begins a new chapter
February 2014
Criminal Law: Going Solo
January 2014
Pausing to Pray
December 2013
Harvest Covenant Church wins settlement
November 2013
What is your church worth to your community?
October 2013
Government war on private education
September 2013
Federal Court Protects Mobile Pregnancy Services
August 2013