JUDGE UPHOLDS KEYSTONE MONTESSORI’S COMPLAINT: Rejects the Village of River Forest’s Motion to Dismiss


Rejects the Village of River Forest’s Motion to Dismiss 

RIVER FOREST, IL – Thursday, September 20 – Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sanjay Tailor denied the Village of River Forest’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit by Keystone Montessori School against the Village, validating Keystone’s previous complaint brought against the Village for its violation of Illinois public policy which provides schools with property tax exemptions.

“When a motion to dismiss such as this is denied, it means that the judge feels all the matters alleged in the complaint create valid claims,” said John Mauck, attorney at Mauck & Baker, the firm that is representing Keystone. “Because the judge upheld the complaint, and because River Forest repeatedly conceded that no substantive factual issues are disputed, we feel that Keystone is in a very strong legal position.”

“We are very pleased that our complaint against River Forest was validated by the court. This gives us further confidence that we are doing the right thing to support our school and the students and families of Keystone,” said Vicki Shea, Keystone’s director.

Keystone Montessori has entered its 24th year in service. During the 2017-18 school year, 22 River Forest-resident students attended Keystone instead of local public schools, saving taxpayers $329,912 in annual education costs (based on the reported annual operating expenditure of $14,996 per student in public school).

Although Illinois law clearly states that schools are exempt from property taxes, the Village of River Forest has required Keystone to pay more than $1.1 million in taxes over the last 20 years. Out of four private nonprofit schools in the Village of River Forest, Keystone is the only one without a property tax exemption.

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