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    This Legal "Weed" Could Choke Out Your Church Plant

    Written by Noel W. SterettA dynamic church planting movement has swept across the country over the last decade as many congregations and denominations have responded to a call to be fruitful and multiply. Like the Parable of the Sewer, we have seen some church plants bear tremendous fruit, some spring up quickly only to wither away with little fruit, and some spring up only to be choked out by weeds-particularly legal weeds.   Read More...

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    What is RLUIPA?

    By Attorney Amy J. ParrishThe Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Act of 2000, 2 U.S.C. 2000cc.   Read More...

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    Three Church Practices Every Ministry's HR Should Implement

    Attorney Amy Parrish shares her advice to ministry leaders on the first steps in preparing a successful employee culture. 1. First, review any available ministry or denominational procedures that are already in place concerning employees as a guide. Some examples include: bylaws, job descriptions, benefits and retirement and a dispute resolution policy.   Read More...

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    Free Speech Ignored for DePaul Professor

    On Monday, November 29, 2010, the Illinois Supreme Court decided not to hear Professor Thomas Klocek’s appeal, bringing an end to his five-year suit against DePaul University for destroying his reputation. The case had been litigated in the circuit court for years in front of a number of different judges: two of which ruled Klocek properly stated valid claims against DePaul; the last of which, however, unexpectedly threw the entire case out on the eve of the trial in 2009. The appellate court wa...  Read More...

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    Leaps of faith landed John Mauck in niche of church zoning lawsuits

    Originally published by the Illinois State Bar Association"How did you get into that?" I am often asked. I suppose when a lawyer has committed his life and practice to serving Jesus, and then spent a dozen years doing real estate transactions, it should not be a huge leap to end up handling zoning disputes for people of faith.But still I was startled when Joe Zavagnin called me. "John, I am an elder at a growing church in Rockford," he began.   Read More...

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